Why Should An Employer Conduct Background Checks?


Maryam Ahmed
Executive Operations – INGENIOUSTRIBE Global Solutions



There is a usual inkling amongst most people other than HR personnel that hiring process doesn’t involve much heed and mindfulness unlike other departments but that’s sheer fallacy. Hiring is a process upon which the overall performance and goodwill of the organization is determined as the candidate can be potential employee whose conduct will directly affect organization’s reputability.

As soon as there’s any vacancy there comes another responsibility over the employer of filling it with the best possible candidate. There are numerous aspects which are to be considered while shortlisting a candidate and it’s not wise to rely on few minutes’ interview to evaluate a candidate’s qualification, traits and behavior whereas a bad hire can make you deal with numerous problems some of which are elaborated below.

Usually employer regards Background Screening as and added expense but Talent acquisition itself involves great sum of time and money so it makes great sense to conduct candidate’s background screening before he’s taken onboard or else wrong decision in this regard can incredibly cost you much more than what you spend.

Therefore, the best possible solution that exists to overcome this problem is Pre-Employment Background Screening of potential candidates. It allows the company to focus on core business objective rather than these potential problems which may occur & it usually includes theft, misconduct, breach of laws and policies and so on.

Employees are face of organization who deals with daily tasks, operations, peers and customers which requires a great deal of trust from the employer. Not only company’s goodwill and customers but a bad hire can lay negative impact on your existing employees too as all the employees are inter linked with each other for completion of any task or so.

Moreover, the biggest risk that company may face post in-appropriate hiring is miss use or stealing of confidential assets such as cash or some sort of secret information whose revelation can cause great loss to employer, these scenarios may sound rare but these could be extremely blemishing for an organization.

Not having facility of background screening results in breach of regulatory compliance which is a company’s moral and legal obligation, resulting in legal issues that a company faces.

Above stated are few consequences out of many others which a company may bear if it doesn’t infuse background screening in their hiring procedure. It may seem that background screening elongates and complexes the hiring mechanism but in actual fact it facilitates your hiring decision procedure and assures that the candidate that is being hired is the most ideal candidate.