Hire The Best


Ushna Khan
Business Development Executive – INGENIOUSTRIBE Global Solutions



Whenever we hear the term ‘recruitment’ we often perceive it as hiring a candidate for a vacant position in an organization. However, it is not just that simple. Recruitment includes a series of processes which are attracting, screening, selecting and appointing the most suitable candidates within an organization.

Recruitment process includes a detailed series of events. Human Resource department of an organization sets up a recruitment strategy which includes identifying a hiring vacancy, establishing a timeline and identifying goals throughout the recruitment process. Initially it includes Job Analysis in order to set up the KSA’s required for the job. This also helps in attracting the most suitable candidates with right set of skills.

Sourcing is the next step towards hiring the best. Sourcing refers to the initial part of recruiting. Organizations must use the accurate tool’s & methods to attract the right candidate such as opening a vacancy via job portals, newspapers, social media, business media and various other ways via internet.

Further comes the screening phase in which a recruiter has to scrutinize a number of profiles to shortlist the most suitable profile for the vacant position.

Interviewing is termed as the most critical aspect of the recruitment process. The interview experience is the single most influential factor in the recruitment process making or breaking an applicant’s impression of the company and vice versa.

Employment offer is made when the recruiter is convinced about a particular candidate that he/she is the right pick for the vacant position. However, it is also not compulsory that a candidate accepts the employment offer.

The final stage includes the onboarding which can also be termed as organizational socialization. In order to conduct a successful onboarding program, the organization must provide the relevant tool to the new hire to succeed in their new position and get fully educated regarding the company’s culture and conduct to integrate in a productive workforce.

Around a decade ago no one could have ever imagined that recruitment would become so inexpensive, effective and efficient. In comparison to the conventional methods of recruitment where a lot of money were spent on placing the job advertisement in the newspapers, now majority of the recruiters prefer online recruitment. From posting a job ad on social media to conducting online interviews on skype, recruitment process has been made cost effective and time saving.

However, the modern recruitment tools still cannot displace the human factor in hiring decisions but they can be a critical ally in the search and selection of a fine and suitable candidate.