Due Diligence

Comprehensive Due Diligence Solutions

INGENIOUSTRIBE’S due diligence team conducts its investigation and reports its findings to management before the business processes commence. We provide in depth research of entity along with regulatory registrations, litigation, site visits, political affiliations and financial regulatory checks. Complete information with in depth research is the essence of INGENIOUSTRIBE’S report.


Our core expertise in inspections due diligence services include:

  • Discover the relevant competition domestically and internationally
  • Engaging in particular evaluation on possible mergers and ventures that allows you to grow your overall performance and market share
  • Discovering exclusive means of funding within and outside the organization.


Insurance Market has seen rise in the number of claiming frauds over the past few years. An insurance fraud or a negative insurance is fake claim on the insurance company. This is not only a loss of money but also allows many others to get advantage of this unethical practice. Ingenioustribe helps evaluating the following common insurance frauds;

  • Life Insurance Fraud
  • Health Care fraud
  • Automobile Insurance Fraud
  • Property Insurance Fraud


A thorough and accurate evaluation of a company’s intellectual property (IP) is critical in important transactions. With the increasing number of intellectual property transactions, IP due diligence is growing in importance. Our approach to IP Due Diligence is both complete and economically efficient.


Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence is an inspection of a business intended to be acquired. When an acquirer considers an attractively priced prospect, the enticement to get the deal done runs high however, making one sure that the target is working in compliance might get your attention first. The assessment of the prospect must include

  • Information of all kind of accounting & financial data, bankruptcies and regulatory issues
  • Information of negligent hiring and retention troubles
  • Relevant legal documents as of contract, patents, subsidiaries, and trademarks
  • Verification of corporate records
  • Indulgence in any corrupt activity.
  • Possible political affiliations
  • Related businesses
  • Business operations verification